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Our mission is our promise

To manufacture and deliver the best outdoor pool tables in the industry. To this end, we are dedicated to ongoing testing and evaluation to keep our products on top.

Our goal is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations so that everyone who buys our all-weather outdoor pool table is pleased with the purchase and the experience.

Others have tried to copy our design but they never even come close to the quality of our tables, which are hand-made by craftsmen who specialize solely in the manufacture of this product.

We are not new to the game, we bring 5 generations of billiard table experience to our product

Our outdoor pool table factory in Longwood, Florida, is devoted exclusively to the manufacture of all-weather outdoor pool tables. It’s all we do, and we’ve been doing it since 1986. We’re a family-owned company, and we take pride in providing top-of-the-line products as well as the assurance that our tables are made in the USA.

We use the best of everything. Each component of our all-weather outdoor pool tables has been tested extensively so we know what works (25 years).

We use only the highest-quality and toughest materials. Our acrylic fabric is so tough it can’t tear under normal use. The aluminum unibody structure is welded into a seamless, single unit that can’t shift or buckle. The table pockets are molded of long lasting, commercial-grade vinyl. The hardware is all made of stainless steel, right down to the upholstery staples.

Because we build the best, we are comfortable in backing our outdoor pool tables with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our longevity as outdoor pool table manufacturers(25 years) is the best warranty we can offer.

Our tables cost more than others, but they do what we promise: They perform they last; we challenge comparison.

Why Us?

We’re a family-owned business that’s been building pool tables for five generations. We introduced our all-weather outdoor pool table line in 1986, and we’ve been testing and improving it all along the way. We are the developers of this concept.

Building all-weather outdoor pool tables is our only business, so it gets our full attention. We use only the highest quality materials, all of which are the result of years of testing. Our seamless unibody construction is tough and durable. Other manufacturers use injection-form plastic or wood on the main table. We use only aluminum.

Our fabrics are the result of years of testing. We had Sunbrella, which covers the playing bed and rails, made especially to our specifications. It’s an acrylic that is impervious to water, mildew and mold, stains, and spills. The pockets are molded of long lasting, commercial-grade fabric.

We back our products with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
We don’t believe in surprises. We will quote you a table price, plus shipping and installation, if needed. What we quote is what you pay.


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