The futuristic modern design complements any setting, inside or outside. Weather-resistant construction stands up to the elements. The aluminum frame has a durable powder-coated, textured finish. Choose from one of our factory colors or spice it up with a custom color of your choice for an additional fee. It is also rusts-resistant and will last for many years. Patented Uni-body construction creates a seamless body that is smooth, long lasting, and easy to care for. Playing bed is a solid one-piece slate (400 lbs.). The one-piece slate construction means a shift-free, fully weather-resistant seamless level playing surface. The fabric is a hybrid version of Sunbrella. It scoffs at water, mildew, staining, rot, fading and tearing, and lasts for years. The rails are made with a tournament-grade rubber, specially designed by Gameroom Concepts to last many years in all climates. The linings are made of polyvinyl with stainless steel T-nuts then upholstered in our proprietary Sunbrella fabric with stainless steel fasteners. The pockets are custom, handmade out of molded test-approved, commercial-grade UV stabilized nylon. Stainless steel hardware throughout. Available in 8′: the 8-foot table measures 55″ X 100″ (outside dimensions).


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